The fourth annual National Cattle Mobility Event took place at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, on Wednesday 6th April, 2011. Keynote speakers for the Event were Neil Chesterton, the renowned New Zealand dairy vet, and the UK's own cattle lameness expert Dr Nick Bell.



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During the afternoon, visitors to the event were able to take part in a number of practical workshops at a nearby commercial dairy farm, by kind permission of Kemble Farms Ltd. 


Following on from previous years' demonstrations of correct foot trimming techniques, this year the National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers (NACFT) demonstrated correct block application methods, in a workshop led by Chris Just MRCVS from Westpoint Veterinary Group.



Neil Chesterton led a practical workshop on cow flow, whilst Matt Dobbs from Westpoint Veterinary Group ran a session on 'the Ins and Outs of Foot Bathing'.


The final practical session was led by Owen Atkinson from Lambert, Leonard & May, and focussed on the 'Tools of the Trade', which included the selection and maintenance of foot care equipment.